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You've arrived at series_claims, a place to claim your favorite series! Here you can claim any series, whether it be an anime, manga, TV show, book, game, or movie series.


1) The claims are grouped into two categories: The first being anime/manga/games, the second being TV shows/movies/books. You are allowed two claims from each.

2) You cannot claim two of the same. That means you can't claim two anime, two manga, etc.

3) Please remember that you are here to claim a series, not just one episode or chapter. This also includes books or movies that are on their own.

4) This should be obvious, but please check the claims list before you make your claim.

5) You may unclaim or switch your claims, but try not to do it on a daily/weekly basis.

6) Series such as Harry Potter that are both books and movies, or any anime/manga are separate claims. Meaning that you cannot claim the movies/books or anime/manga as one claim. Please specify which you will be claiming.

7) No flaming if someone else has already claimed what you wanted. Let's try to be nice about it.

8) You must remain a member of the community to keep your claims. If you leave or your journal is deleted, you will lose your claims. However, if you would like to switch your claims to a different journal, just post and tell me what you claimed and what your old username was.

9) Please link back to the community in your userinfo showing your claim.
Example: "I claimed the Inuyasha Anime @ series_claims"

More rules will be added if anything should come up. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. ^^


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